Youth Sports Festival in Brno

Youth Sports Festival grows and moves from Hungary to Brno! The YSF will continue its 15-year tradition in Brno on 6-9 April 2023 & 6-12 July 2023. Be part of the biggest sports event in Central Europe!

45,641 athletes, 3,069 sports teams from 65 countries have participated in the Youth Sports Festival over the past 15 years. Of course, this number does not include chaperones and parents, it only includes athletes – children, youth and coaches. In 2019, the year before Covid, 5,032 athletes, 280 teams from 32 countries and their entourage participated in the Festival.

The Youth Sports Festival is a seven-day festival for children and youth where youth teams of boys and girls from all over the world can participate in three popular sports (football, basketball and handball) in the U8 to U17 age groups. The YSF has so far been held with great success every July in Kaposvár, Hungary.

The Youth Sports Festival is the largest event in Central Europe and is an unforgettable lifelong sporting and cultural experience for everyone involved. In addition, the YSF is a great business opportunity and a prestigious event for the host city and its residents. The YSF offers the possibility of a significant increase in local sports participation, as well as an increase in international tourism for the city and the region. In addition, the Festival is also an exceptional educational programme for young people.

Along with the summer Youth Sports Festival, we will also hold an Easter Tournament, which will be football-only in 2023 – then from 2024 we will add basketball and handball as well, just like in the summer.

What will the Youth Sports Festival bring to the city of Brno?

  • Long-term event in Brno (10-15 years)
  • Guaranteed growth of tourism
  • Cooperation with local foundations and associations
  • The organizing city is an integral part of the international marketing campaign
  • Our event is in full cooperation with local teams, organizations and associations
  • 20% of participating teams come from the region

Some numbers of Youth Sports Festival in Brno in 2023 – 2027

  • 43.700 guest and visitors
  • Participants spend a total of 209,100 nights in Brno
  • 627,300 meals will be served
  • The organizing city itself can earn 17.7 million Euros between 2023 and 2027
  • Local businesses will benefit from accommodation, catering, tourism and many other areas

The YSF will also include the Festival Centre and the Brno Football Weekend, which we will keep you informed about!

In the coming years, children’s sports activities will be taken care of in Brno. The Youth Sports Festival will be an integral part of the sporting experience and a meeting point for young athletes, coaches and other people from all over the world in the years to come!

Interested in becoming part of a global project? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to discuss further cooperation with you!

Author: Adam Kyselica